How to start a blog on Blogger in 2018

Do you want to start a blog? Blogger can help you to start a free blog. Blogger(blogspot) is a free blogging platform by Google. Anyone in the world can start free blogging on blogger and earn money with it. You can make awesome, beautiful and mobile friendly blog on it free. So in this post, We are going to show How to start a blog on Blogger in less than 2 minutes without any coding knowledge.

How to start a blog on Blogger in less than 2 minutes

What do you need before start a blog

before you start, you need this:

  • A Google account(Gmailaccount)
  • Internet connection
  • Mobile/Computer/Tablet


How to start a blog on Blogger

Here is step-by-step guide to make a blog on blogger

  1. log on to and sign in with gmail account.
  2. Click on New Blog
  3. Enter the name of the blog which you want to createHow to start a blog on Blogger
  4. Choose a blog address of your blog which is looking like your blog name or related
  5. Select a theme for you blog. You can change that with awesome theme after blog made.
  6. Click create blog.

Now your blog has been created. You can now start writing by click on NEW POST.

How to settings your blog on Blogger

Basic Setting

  1. Go to Settings > Basic
  2. Click on Description and give some more short information of your blog.
  3. Click on Privacy and select YES in both option. If already, than ignore it.
  4. Now see on HTTPS Redirect and choose YES. This will make your blog connection secure.
  5. Blog reader option remain Public if you want to traffic also come through search engine like Google etc.
  6. Now click on Save Setting.

Post, Comments and sharing

  1. Select Anyone in who can comment. Now anyone comment on your post. If you don’t want this, than you can remain it option Registered User.
  2. uto-share new published posts to your Google+ profile.

Language and formatting settings

  1. Choose the language that you want in Language option.
  2. In the Time zone option, you select your country time zone. Example, if you are from India than you select GMT+5:30 – India Standard Time
  3. Now click on Save Setting.

Search preferences

  1. In the Meta Tag > description, you must give your blog summery which will be displayed on the Search Engine like Google.Meta Tag Description - how to make an blog on blogger
  2. The all option of Crawlers and indexing must be leave same.

User Settings

  1. Select a User Profile which you want to use. If you want to use a different profile for blogger than you select blogger, if not leave it the same Google Plus.
  2. Leave remain YES in Use Blogger Draft.
  3. Now Save settings if you make any changes.

So friends, your blog is now ready. You can start write. If you are facing any problem than you can share with us by comment section.

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